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Hey guys

I know I don’t come on here anymore but I’ve lost total motivation.

Right now I’m totally looking for a buddy to lose weight with. Someone who I can stay in contact with and remind eachother to work out and eat healthy.

I’m looking for someone who’s kinda in the same boat as me. I’m at 200lbs now and I want to go down to 140 eventually. 

So if you’re interested send me a message on here or just go ahead and add me on kik - duhshelz

I need tumblr friends

I’m totally not motivated to eat healthy or work out at all and I’m getting super upset by it.

I need some people on tumblr that I can talk to and we can motivate each other and just have someone to talk to

send an ask if you’re interested

I’ve always been super insecure about my stomach- It’s the part of my body that I disliked the most. Then I realized what type of example I was setting for my younger sister- The same one SOCIETY set for me! Body shaming! I told myself that NEVER again would I teach her to abuse/misuse her body, because they are all beautiful! Love yourself, and good things follow! XOXO daawtreeoctopii <3
Anonymous said: i really understand how you feel, the same thing happened to me a few weeks ago, i hate how everything fits. im trying to eat healthy but its just so hard. my friends are the only thing that keep me happy enough to just go on, so if you have a close friend try just talking to them about how you feel and see if they can give you any advise. im sorry i dont have the perfect answer for you but im also struggling with this, hope you feel better :)

I said:

Thank you so much. This means so much. We can all work together to move past the negative. 

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belief-backless said: i know how you feel when you go shopping and nothing fits and you feel like a fat piece of crap, I get it every time I go shopping. I am so sorry you have to feel this and if you ever want to talk or just vent you can message me :)

I said:

Thank you so much

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that1ndnpony said: Hey, I just read your answer to anon's question & I'm sorry you're feeling that way. We all get discouraged at times (it feels like all the time to me & I can relate to the whole jean thing) but I thought this whole page was about accepting yourself & loving yourself? You should follow your own advice to accept yourself the way you are or change what you don't like, instead of being miserable.

I said:

You’re right, I should take my own advice. But I’m also okay with breaking down and showing you guys that as strong and possitive as I seem most of the time, I do feel like crap about my body a lot. But with you guys helping me I’m already starting to feel better about it.

Just knowing someone else deals with the issue makes me feel better.

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Anonymous said: OMG! I have the exact same problem with jeans, i know your feels sis =( *hugs you*

I said:

Thanks, it sucks for sure. I’m working on getting over it <3

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earthtofallon said: You last question I can relate to that entirely. I have a question, it's now spring and the hot weather is coming (Oh lord) I have extremely bad cellulite and I don't know what to wear. Or how to get ride of the dimples quickly. I'm so done with the way I look. But I can't change it, I try to tone up my legs by doing squats and stuff but you know it's hard. Do you have any suggestions? On what to wear ? Or something. I just live my sweat pants. Will people JUGDE me if I wear them in spring ??

I said:

Thank you so much
Usually in the summer I just dont give a fuck about my cellulite, if people have an issue with it then that is their problem. I wear short shorts and my legs jiggle but its comfy for me. But wear whatever makes you feel good, fuck what other people think

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Anonymous said: What's wrong?

I said:

I went shopping today and decided to try on some jeans. Worst idea. I tried on like 15 pairs and non of them fit at all. I tried sizes that I thought would be mega huge for me and they still didnt fit.
I’m tired of having no clothes. All of my leggings are all ripped in the thigh area from my thighs rubbing against each other.
I just feel like the fattest fuck ever. I’m so close to just starving myself or throwing up everything i eat.
I’m tired of being fat

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